Lonicera ×americana Mill.

Purplestem Honeysuckle

Lonicera x americanaA climbing semi-evergreen or deciduous shrub.
Leaves obovate, short stalked or sessile, dark green; the uppermost pairs of leaves connate.
Inflorences in terminal spikes, often in groups of three; corolla 4-6 cm long, purple, inside white, ageing to yellow, fragrant.
Fruits: none; a sterile hybrid.

This is one of the most lovely honeysuckles with a very long flowering period, from June to the end of October, or even up to the first frost. Known as purplestem honeysuckle. Most garden soils are suitable and full sun poses no problem,but the roots love some shade. It is worthy of much more extensive planting than at present and it is incomprehensible that nurseryman do not cultivate this honeysuckle in great numbers!

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