Lonicera ×heckrottii hort. ex Rehder

(L. sempervirens × L. × americana)

A compact, less twining, but floriferous hybrid with very long spikes of pink and orange flowers. The semi- evergreen, glaucous leaves are narrower and more pointed than ‘Gold Flame’. The flowers are born in long elongated peduncled spikes with several remote whorls.

Heckrott´s honeysuckle like full sun to part-shade, and a well-drained soil. Needs to be moderately watered in summer. Performs best if it is cut back each spring or pruned regularly to keep them from becoming a mass of tangle. It is valued for the long blooming period, therefore it was called the ever blooming honeysuckle, and the bright colors of its flowers. It is an excellent pot plant for the balcony and outdoor living space. It is also attractive when planted as a low hedge. After more than hundred years it is still one of the most popular honeysuckles.

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