Lonicera ×italica ‘Sherlite’ HARLEQUIN

Lonicera x italica 'Sherlite' HARLEQUIN(O.M. Messenger, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, 1984)
L. periclymenum ´Sherlite´ Harlequin
L. ×italica ‘Harlequin Choice’

The leaves are dull green to grayish green, often lobed like those of the English oak, and have creamy white margins, which are in spring and autumn often tinged pink. Bears typical pink and yellow flowers and is less vigorous than the type.
This plant was found by the 80-years old Miss O.M. Messenger in Ipswich in 1984. Originally described as a sport of L. periclymenum ´Belgica´, it is in fact an L. ×italica cultivar.

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