Lonicera ×italica (F.W. Schmidt) Tausch

Lonicera x italicaItalian honeysuckle

Widely grown as L. × americana, this is a hybrid of L. caprifolium × L. etrusca. It is deciduous, very vigorous, free flowering and easy to grow.
The flowers are maroon in bud, pink and yellow on opening.

Italian woodbine requires partial shade and a well-drained soil with its feet in the shade. This lovely hybrid inherits the best of both parents. Spectacular display of large, scented flowers heavily tinged purple on the outside. It is worth noting that the strong scent has a spicy tang to it, quite different from the sweet smell of L. periclymenum. Unfortunately not the long flowering period as L. etrusca. Cut back the twining stems after flowering to retain healthy growth.

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