Lonicera ×tellmanniana Magyar ex Späth

(L. tragophylla × L. sempervirens ´Superba´)

A vigorous deciduous hybrid. It has large clusters of copper yellow flowers, tipped with red. It is also known in USA as ‘Redgold’.

Tellman´s or Magyar honeysuckle featuring lovely copper-orange blooms, unfortunately without scent. Likes a well drained, fertile soil in full sun or partial shade, but prefers to have its roots and lower branches in the shade. It’s often subject to attack by aphides, especially when grown in dry and hot positions. Needs a strong support to climb up. This hybrid was raised in the Royal Hungarian Horticultural School in Budapest by J. Magyar in 1920, from which institution it was acquired. It was introduced by the Ludwig Späth company, Berlin in 1927.

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