Lonicera arizonica Rehd.

Arizona Honeysuckle

Lonicera arizonicaClimbing vine or woody shrub. Trailing woody stems vary from gray to brown, bark becomes stringy and shreddy with age.
The leaves are oval to elliptical, simple, opposite, finely glandular-hairy; lower leaves on short stalks, upper leaves stalkless, ciliate, united at base around stem (perfoliate).
Flowers 2-3 in small, terminal, whorled cluster arising from 2 joined leaves. Corolla red outside, with orange throat inside; trumpet shaped.
Fruit: Cluster of red berries.

Distribution: in open, coniferous forests in Coconino, Navajo, Apache, Gila, Maricopa, Pima, Cochise and Graham counties of Arizona; also in Utah and New Mexico.

This species is closely related to, and perhaps not specifically distinct from
L. pilosa. Differing from L. ciliosa in its smaller leaves; flowers with more
slender tubes, lips more pronounced and glabrous style. In European
gardens L. arizonica, L. ciliosa and L. pilosa are very rare. If you like this
kind of flowers it is better to choose L. semperivens  ́Superba ́ or L.
×brownii  ́Dropmore Scarlet Trumpet ́ known for their hardiness.

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