Lonicera caprifolium L.

Italian woodbine

Lonicera caprifoliumA vigorous and early flowering honeysuckle, the most common form has cream flushed pink flowers in single whorls subtended by cup-like leaves. It flowers in april and may and is followed by large clusters of orange-red berries. Very fragrant.

Native of south-east Europe, Kaukasus, Asia Minor and Northern Iran.
In America escaped from cultivation and now native in New York, New Jersey
and Pennsylvania to Michigan and Missouri.

Italian woodbine prefers a good moist soil with its roots in the shade and its top growing into the light. Succeeds even in quite deep shade. Tolerates both acid and alkaline soils, only showing desolate on very alkaline soils. Plants are moderately fast-growing, and they climb by twining around other plants. The flowers are very fragrant, it comes out to meet you when you ́re still many feet away, especially at night time in order to attract pollinating moths, and are produced in abundance. Cut back the twining stems after flowering to retain healthy growth.

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