Lonicera dioica L.

Smoothed leaved or Limber Honeysuckle

A deciduous spreading or twining shrub with light-colored shreddy bark; branchlets smooth, green or purplish; older stems turn brown to gray. The leaves are very glaucous beneath, the ones beneath the flower are fushed into large disk.
Flowers several in a terminal, sessile or short stalked whorl.
Corolla red or yellow, pale yellow to yellow-green tinged with purple, rose or brick color
The tube 1.5 to 2.6 cm long, gibbous at the base, scarcely longer than the two-lipped limb.
The unscented flowers appear in May and continue into July.

Native of the north-eastern of North America: Canada west to the Saskatchewan, south to Virginiana, Ohio and Nebraska.

Limber or Red honeysuckle is in cultivation since 1636, but is not as showy as many climbing honeysuckles. It is still a worthwhile plant for a woodland garden. It is grown for its rounded, green foliage, whitened glaucous beneath. The yellow, rose or brick red flowers are followed by red fruits. The plant can be used as a climber or allowed to grow into a shrub.

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