Lonicera dioica var. glaucescens (Rydb.) Butters

Lonicera glaucescensRed Honeysuckle
syn: L. glaucescens Rydb.

Similar to the species, leaves on the underside pubescent. Flowers red to pale yellow, sometimes some red inside.
This variety occupies the more western part from the range of the species from Ontario, Michigan and Illinois westward.
It grows mainly in moist open forests and thickets and occasionally on dunes, outcrops, or in wetlands.
Native of N.O.-America, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio en Nebraska; in
Canada from Ontario to Alberta.

Introduced in 1890 in Britain as L. glaucescens. In the United States found under many common names: Douglas ´s honeysuckle, Donald honeysuckle, red honeysuckle, small honeysuckle, smooth-leaved honeysuckle.

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