Lonicera periclymenum ‘Honey Baby’

(Boskoops Research Station, the Netherlands 1994.)

Lonicera periclymenum 'Honey Baby'It grows very dense and bushy, sometimes with branches climbing to 2 m high. Leaves dull-shiny dark green. Flowers in buds purplish-red tinted, open creamy-yellow, turning to ochreous-yellow.

This rather dwarf form is suitable for growing as a potted plant. In the open ground the plant eventually reaches a height of 2 m or more. It is very similar to L. periclymenum ´Martine´. Occasional vigorous upright shoots should be pruned out as required.

This plant is introduced as a hybrid between Lonicera japonica ´Halliana´ and L. periclymenum ´Belgica Select´, however, I can not find any influence of L. japonica. Not in the inflorescences or in the bracts or fruits. Looking over the literature there is no hybrid known between the two different subgenera. So, I posit it is a true cultivar of L. periclymenum.

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