Lonicera pilosa (Kunth) Sprengel

The Mexican Honeysuckle is an evergreen, woody vine that grows to about 6 m long, although it may be pruned to any size. The decorative flower clusters appear from late Spring through early Fall, and are followed by bright red berries. Each cluster has around 10 to 20 flowers that are about 4 cm long. While their overall appearance is orange, they have multiple hues ranging from yellow to red. The clusters are capped with an umbrella-like bract that protects the blooms from rain as in L. subaequalis.
This Honeysuckle doesn’t have a scent.

Widespread throughout Central and Northern Mexico, from Chihuahua to San
Luis Potosi, on montane woods and ravines from 1000 to 3000 m.
Not very hardy.

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