Lonicera splendida Boiss.

Splendid Honeysuckle
syn: L. implexa subsp. splendida (Boiss.) O. de Bolòs, J. Vigo, R.M. Masalles & J.M. Ninot (1990)

Lonicera splendidaAllied to L. implexa and L. etrusca: Leaves glabrous and glaucous. Flowers in a many flowerd, sessile head, yellowish white, tinged purple.
Native in spain.

This beautiful plant, which fully deserves its epithet (splendens: splendid: sumptuous, magnificent, grand, gorgeous), is not common in European gardens because it is not so hardy. It differs from L. periclymenum in having the upper pairs of leaves connate; from L. etrusca in having the flowers in a terminal spike, springing directly from the uppermost pair of leaves, and from both in it glaucous leaves and glandular inflorescences. It needs a dry site in full sun and a well drained soil and protection against cold wind. On a sheltered, sunny wall it should grow well. Will not tolerate water-logged soil. Some authors rejected this species to a subspecies of L. implexa.

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