Lonicera subaequalis Rehd.

Lonicera subaequalisDeciduous climber.
Leaves elliptical to oblong-obovate; the uppermost pair connate into a elliptic disk, 4 to 6 cm long, acute at both ends, separated from the pair below by a slender internode 4 to 6 cm long.
Flowers in a stalkless whorl, pendulous. Corolla funnel shaped, 2.5 to 3.5 cm long, yellow, sometimes with reddish spot. Not scented.
Fruits red.
China: Guizhou and Sichuan province near the border of Xizang and Tibet frontier.

Needs a dry site in shade and a well drained soil with its roots in the shade and protection against cold wind. Will not tolerate water-logged soil. This very unusual species is not widely in cultivation, but needs more attention.

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