Lonicera subspicata var. denudata Rehd.

San Diego Honeysuckle

Southern or chaparral honeysuckle is a straggling evergreen shrub that growsto 1 or 2 m high, is somewhat woody at the base, and generally climbs or reclines on other shrubs. Its leaves are widely elliptic to round-ovate, entire-margined, subglabrous to whitish-pubescent beneath and sometimes revolute. The upper pairs of leaves are not fused around the stem as they are in L. interrupta. The flowers are in small whorls along a spike. The calyx tube is ovoid, very short, and minutely 5-cleft. The corolla is cream-colored to yellowish, The fruit is a yellow or reddish berry.

Nativa in North America: United States. Endemic to California. On the lower dry slopes of the mountains near Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina Island, High Sierra Nevada, Tehachapi Mountain Area, Central Western California and Southwestern California.

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